I'll explain some of the more advanced stats on the site here:

  • - MVPG (MVPs Per Game): MVPs Received / Games Playedv

  • - %MVP (MVP Percentage): MVPs Received / Games Won

  • - ASP (Average Scoreboard Position): Average position on the scoreboard (lower number = higher on scoreboard)

  • - SH% (Shot Percentage): Goals Scored / Shots Taken

  • - SA% (Save Percentage): Saves / (Saves + Enemy Goals)

  • - PDO: Shot Percentage + Save Percentage (tries to measure luck)

  • - A/G (Assists Per Goal): Goals Assisted / Goals Scored

  • - RSC (Real Score): The player's score including ONLY Goals, Assists, Saves, and Shots

  • - MSC (Misc Score): The player's score NOT including Goals, Assists, Saves, and Shots

  • - RSC% (Real Score Percentage): Real Score / Total Score

  • - MSC% (Real Score Percentage): Misc Score / Total Score

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